kailash Tour Vie Simikot -

17 days

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     A sublime treasure isolated in a remote corner of western Tibet, in the holiest of places on earth, a majestic pyramid of rock and snow is the Mount Kailash. For thousands of years, Mt. Kailash has been a place to seek divinity, purity and absolve oneself from their sins. Sacred to Hindus, Buddhists, Bonpo and Jains, it is known as the “Navel of the Earth”, where the divine takes an earthly form. Pilgrims travel here from all over the world to pay reverence to its mystery, completing its Parikrama (kora) following an ancient ritual of devotion. Trekking through the most surreal canyons and taking a holy dip in the Lake Mansarovar, pilgrims experience a spiritual revelation as they reach the lofty pass of Dolma la, the physical and emotional high point of the journey. Every year more than 15,000 pilgrims go for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra where most of them come from India city .


Detailed Itinerary

Day: 1 Arrival Kathmandu

Day: 2 Ktm to Nepalgunj(fly)

Day: 3 Nepalgunaj to Simikot (fly)

Day: 4 Simikot  Hilsa by Helicopter

Day: 5 Hilsa to taklakot (Drive)

Day: 6 Taklakot to chhugonpa (Drive)

Day: 7 Chhugonpa to Darchen (Drive)

Day: 8 Darchen to Dirapuk

Day: 9 Dirapuk to Zuthulpuk

Day: 10 Zuthulpuk to Darchen

Day: 11 Darchen to taklacot. (Drive)

Day: 12 Taklacot to Hilsa (Drive)

Day: 13 Hilsa to Simikot by (helicopter 20 min)

Day: 14 Simikot to Nepalgunj (fly)

Day: 15 Nepalgunj to Kathmandu (fly)

Day: 16 Kathmandu sightseeing

Day: 17 Final departures